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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Snapshots of the Riviera.

I have been too lazy and too busy over the last one month. Back from one holiday and off to the next. In between, hosting friends and playing the part, taking French exams and starting new level, running from one consulate to the other to get the visas done - you get the picture. Life has been very hectic.

So I thought I will take the lazy way out this time - do a photo essay on the last holiday I had. So without much ado (because I am too lazy to feel like writing), here goes.

Cannes. And its most ugly but famous structure - the Palais. Before the mad ad world descends upon it, a couple walking down the red carpet.

Flower festival at Le Suquet, Cannes.

After the flowers come the fruits. Paella with fruits de mer. 

Day 2 and we are off in the search of the lavender fields of Provence.

We stop on the way in Moustiers - Sainte- Marie.

The lavender fields had not bloomed yet - but we managed to feel the essence. This hand drawn cart is still used to collect lavenders.

And everything that we saw was painted in the colour of the season - lavender.

The Verdon Gorge. The drive through it was worth it.

The Italian Riviera is a stone's throw away from the French Riviera. The medieval town of Dolceacqua. The name means sweet water.

Further down, the village of Rochetta Nervina. 

I finally made it to Gourdon this time. A bit touristic - but charming, none-the-less.

This lady with the pipe has fascinated me for the last few years, whenever I have visited St. Paul's Vence. Caught her up, close and personal this time around.

Rosé - the only wine I like.

Another day, another medieval town. Chateauneuf-Villevieille.

Webbing its charm on me.

The colours and smells of Marché Provençale, Antibes.

Cannes - when the sun goes down.

And the sunworshippers retire to party.

Watching the waves in Ville Franche Sur Mer.

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